The Hotel Ritchey



I don’t know which to be more proud of, my sweet little derelict building or this humble “hick” town.

I fully expected to sit around on my ass for a few years just thinking about what I might do with this crumbling relic that I foolishly let myself be talked into buying. But the town was having none of it and with minimal effort on my part the folks of Alpine have come out in force to show an overwhelming love for this old working man’s hotel. The place hasn’t been inhabitable on 65 years and yet here we are. In a short six months its gone from being boarded up, empty and cold to being a real part of the community.



There is a market that happens every Saturday now where locals bring there goods and wares and one can’t help but notice that its not just about getting great home grown produce. People now come to the grounds of the Ritchey and have themselves a regular Saturday social hour! Folks linger and catch up with each other. Children ran around having fun and showing no signs of impatience. There is laughter and good times. Its dreadfully wholesome and so simple.




And now it goes without saying that every celebration that this town comes up with will include The Ritchey and greater Murphy St on which it resides.

And it seems to have much to do with the lure of this rickety old building. And it is obvious that, though it has sat for all of these decades it has not been forgotten.

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