First happenings at the Hotel Richey in 40 years…

Christina Sukhgian Houle, a visual artist from central Texas, stopped by Alpine for a little soiree before heading off to the Big Apple and Columbia University Graduate Program. She had a short film that she made here in the region and she wanted to show it to us while simultaneously screening it in Mexico City and San Fransisco. How little old Alpine got such high billing  to run with the big dawgs I will never know.  So we settled on my humble Hotel as the venue.  Took over the street. Folks came by. Folks lingered. Folks danced. Neighborhood cats and dogs observed. It was a hit and a blast!

Oh, but wait. First we have to build it. Supposedly then they will come.

That’s Christina helping with the construction of the screen. On the fly!

Manual labor by Mattie, Jimmy, Jessie and Ben.

…as if we know what we are doing. Gotta get this home made screen up a little higher…

The crew taking a break before the moment of truth,

and waiting for the sun to go down.

Damn!  It worked!

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